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Pertama Fe – 39′ 6″ Arcrite Suncruiser Narrowboat




Pertama Fe is a 39’6″ Suncruiser class narrowboat built by Arcrite in 1998. Designed and specified by its single owner Pertama Fe has been loving cared for and maintained. Meticulous maintenance and annual servicing, including annual blacking has meant that Pertama Fe has been a solid and reliable means of exploring the full network of English waterways.

Pertama Fe features a dual position steering system. This means that during the long warm summer days you can helm it from the spacious stern cruiser deck. However on those unfortunate days when rain does set in you are able to continue your journey in warmth and comfort by taking control from the central wheelhouse. This combined with a full head height ceiling throughout means that Pertama Fe is the perfect vessel for extended cruising if the English canal network.

A huge range of equipment and spare parts are also included in the sale of Pertama Fe. These include but are not limited to spare control panels, spare alternators, washing machine, two televisions and satellite.


Many more details are to follow including more photos, videos and specifications. We do not expect this fantastic example of a long term cruiser to be available for long.